Welcome to Italian courses in Bath!

About the courses

  • I offer courses for 6 levels (Beginners - Advanced). For course descriptions, dates and enrolment please see the courses page.
  • Each level consists of three 10-12 week terms.
  • Lessons are held once a week and last 2 hours for classroom lessons and 1.5 hours for online lessons.
  • The cost of the classroom course is £{{tenWeekFee}} per 10-week term and £{{twelveWeekFee}} per 12 week term.
  • The cost of the online course is £{{onlineTenWeekFee}} for 10-week term and £{{onlineTwelveWeekFee}} per 12 week term.
  • Each group consists of 6-8 people.
  • Lessons are held in the Widcombe Social Club. Due to the pandemic restrictions the lessons are currently held online via Microsoft Teams.

How it works

  • If you are not a beginner, you can meet up with me for a short lesson to establish your level.
  • Once you have decided to carry on with the course you will be able to register on this website.
  • Each week the materials used in the class will be uploaded to this website which you will be able to access at any time when logged in.

Latest news

Next course dates

Access to lesson materials (Group classes)

  • Once you enrol on the group courses, you receive access to all the lesson materials online. Here is a video showing how registered students can view the lesson materials:

Why join us?

  • I have {{ yearsOfExperience }} years of experience in teaching Italian to foreigners. You can read reviews about the courses here.
  • All the courses have been designed by myself; I use my own teaching method matured through years of experience. The lessons and topics are developed based on students' needs and interests.
  • The lessons also contain information about the Italian culture and focus on the speaking component, encouraging students to speak from the very first lesson.
  • You will gain access to all the lesson materials used in class, including audio and video files.
  • I teach in small groups, which enables each student to get enough support during each lesson.
  • We hold conversation clubs in a relaxed atmosphere in Ponte Vecchio restaurant every Friday. These are not compulsory, but are there for those who wish to practice their speaking skills.


Farida’s devotion and genuine enthusiasm has ensured that every class embraces the true atmosphere and culture of Italy. I would not hesitate a moment in recommending anyone to Farida’s classes. Philippo

I feel so fortunate to have found Farida as a teacher and am so grateful she has made learning Italian such a truly enjoyable challenge. Her love of the Italian language is infectious.
Maureen P

Farida’s approach is refreshingly different from many teachers. The teaching materials are all her own and very inventive. She has an uncanny knack of enabling even the most shy to become more Italian. Richard

This course is a step change. The course is systematic and well-organised giving me an opportunity to upgrade my Italian in a pleasant atmosphere.

Farida makes the lessons huge fun – her classes often rock with laughter!

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